Eco (Atlantic) Oil & Gas Plc

Eco Atlantic Oil & Gas (ECO) John Meyer on (BMN) (GEO) (CRA) and Chris Bailey on (SAGA) (IGG)(BOO)

Gil Holzman, Chief Executive Officer & President of Eco Atlantic Oil & Gas (ECO) discusses the final Environmental Clearance Certificate they’ve received to drill an exploration well in Namibia.

(Interview starts at 1 minute 37 seconds)

John Meyer, the Mining analyst and partner at SP Angel talks about: Bushveld Minerals (BMN) Georgian Mining Corporation (GEO) Cradle Arc (CRA)

(Interview starts at 9 minutes 42 seconds)

Chris Bailey founder of Financial Orbit covers: Saga Group (SAGA) IG Group (IGG) Boohoo (BOO)

(Interview starts at 18 minutes 8 seconds)

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