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Guy License 2111B & 2211A

Eco Atlantic holds a 50% participating interest in the Cooper Licence, which covers a 5800 km2 area. Partners include, NAMCOR and AziNam.

Partners Interest Paying Interest
Eco Atlantic 50% 35.56%
NAMCOR 10% participating interest Carried
AziNam (Operator) 40% participating interest 100% (2D), 64.44% (3D)

AziNam funded Eco Namibia’s costs for the shooting and processing of a 1000 km2 2D seismic survey on the Guy Block. Additionally, AziNam funded 66.44% of the costs of an 870 km2 3D seismic survey on the Guy Block in January 2016. To date, the execution of the 3D seismic survey is complete and the Company expects the processing and interpretation of the survey to be completed in 2020.

Committed work programme:

  • March 2017: Resource assessment and production assessment
  • March 2018: Off-take/production engineering & planning first renewal period
  • March 2020: Additional seismic acquisition survey of 500 km2, Geological assessment and target assessment
  • March 2020: Exploration well to be drilled after identification to target post 3D
Licence highlight  
Size 5700 km2
Water depth 1500 m to 3000 m depth (east side targeted)
Licence terms 5 years + 2 renewal terms of 2 years
Recent developments 1000 km 2D survey complete
1000 km2 of 3D complete 2016
  • Basal Tertiary Clastics and Turbidites
  • Upper Cretaceous Clastics Turbidites
  • Lower Cretaceous Carbonates