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Corporate Social Responsibility

Eco (Atlantic) Oil & Gas is committed to Namibia and the Namibian people

The Company is committed to the sustainability and growth of Namibia. Eco Atlantic strives to embed its everyday activities into the culture and economy as it notes its activities effect the jurisdictions it operates in. Eco Atlantic has demonstrated its support for local Namibian participation and since inception we have continued to prove the importance of fostering social and economic development in addition to building a Local Namibian presence.

Local Namibian Presence

In 2012 Eco Atlantic Oil & Gas opened corporate headquarters in Windhoek, Namibia, and injected local Namibian work force, accounting and legal departments into the operations.

Funding our Future

Eco Atlantic is dedicated to fostering education for youth by providing a safe and productive education environment and giving the tools and resources needed to enhance learning. Namibian youth are our future, and providing them valuable skills and education will benefit the constant growth and prosperity of the Country.

Over the last year, Eco Atlantic has donated funds for the improvement of selected schools listed below:

Oshikoto Region Schools Funding Provided
Ontananga Secondary School
Onathinge Circuit
  • 5 complete computer systems for classrooms
  • 5 USB Wireless adaptors
Ondjamba Combined School 
Onyaanya Circuit
  • Teaching materials
  • TV screens, Projector, DVD player, radio cassettes
Onamupalula Primary School
Oshigambo Circuit
  • Classroom renovation
  • Building materials for classroom infrastructure and school yard
Onayena Kinder Garden
Onathinge Circuit
  • Building materials for construction of school yard and protective fencing
Okayekenongo Primary School
Onathinge Circuit
  • Building materials for protective fencing around school yard
Natangwe Uugwanga Junior Primary School
Oshigambo Circuit
  • Construction materials for protective fencing around school yard


Our Promise

Eco Atlantic’s primary goal is contributing to a sustainable Namibia. As the petroleum sector thrives, Namibia will benefit from the creation of jobs, economic growth, infrastructure development and education. Eco Atlantic will continue to demonstrate our support and participation through social and corporate responsibility.